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Patio™ Spa Series

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Patio™ Spa from Cal Spas

A total body hydrotherapy experience.

Patio™ SPAS

The Patio™ Series collection from Cal Spas combines classic design and cutting edge technology while delivering a total body hydrotherapy experience. Patio Spas are convenient Plug-N-Play Spas which function from a standard 110V outlet. Plenty of options compliment any outdoor environment, style, and personal level of comfort.

Patio™ Plus SPAS

Create a spa that is designed to cradle your body in key areas. The Patio™ Plus Spas are designed to compliment any patio, while a 5.0 BHP Pump exudes a potent hydrotherapy experience. Share the ultimate experience with a loved one in an intimate Patio™ Plus Series.