BioGuard Swimming Pool Chlorine Stabilizer 100, 9lb


BioGuard Stabilizer 100 is granular and totally soluble and it significantly reduces the loss of chlorine due to the effects of the sun. It effectively holds chlorine in the water to kill algae and bacteria, which will reduce maintenance costs and chlorine consumption.

Product Benefits:

  • Prevents chlorine loss due to sunlight
  • 100% Active ingredient
  • Reduces chemical consumption
  • For use in chlorine systems only
  • Reduces maintenance costs

Dosage Directions:

  • Clean and backwash filter before adding this product
  • Use 1 lb. per 3,000 gallons initially, very slowly through the skimmer with the pump running to increase the stabilizer level by 40 ppm
  • Keep the water circulating continuously for 24 hours
  • Do not backwash filter for 48 hours