The Best Places in Utah to Get Your Exercise Through Swimming

Swimming is a great pastime, especially in the summer and especially for kids. However, swimming isn’t meant to be just for kids. It’s a great form of exercise for adults year round, even if you live in an area with four seasons, like Utah. Swimming is an excellent way to stay fit throughout the year, and there are plenty of places in Utah where you can do it.

Swimming for Health Benefits

Swimming is both a cardiovascular and strength workout that’s not hard on your body like crossfit is. Your joints are protected from any heavy impact, as compared with running or other strength training. This makes it easy for swimmers to continue swimming well into old age.

Swimming is also great for all of your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to build endurance, build muscle mass, tone your muscles, or lose weight, swimming is the perfect exercise for you. Besides that, the full-body exercise helps you feel great!

Places to Swim Year Round in Utah

Keeping a regular fitness habit in the form of swimming can be a challenge when winter hits. However, there are plenty of places for you to make a splash in every weather.

Free Places in the Summer

All over Utah you can find lakes and ponds to take a dip for your health, including this list below.

The Great Salt Lake

Bountiful Lake (Bountiful Pond)

Pineview Reservoir

Deer Creek Reservoir

Utah Lake

East Canyon Reservoir

Blackridge Reservoir

Jordanelle Reservoir

Willard Bay

Echo Reservoir

Bear Lake

Look into each of these free swim spots to see if any of them are near you.

Great Public Pools

You’ll want to look into getting a year’s pass for these places, since the cost of visiting an indoor pool on a daily basis can quickly add up. However, each of these are great options for regular exercise.

Utah Indoor Pool in Aurora: Offers aquatic fitness classes, master’s classes, and an 8-lane lap pool.

Aquatics Center in Lehi: Offers aerobic classes, an 8-lane lap pool, and private hours for swimmers to exercise.

Provo Recreation Center: Offers an indoor and outdoor pool and a 10-lane lap pool.

Dimple Dell Fitness and Recreation Center in Sandy: Offers water aerobics, swim teams, and lap swimming.

Fairmont Aquatic Center in Salt Lake City: Offers lap swimming and various other aquatic activities.

J.L. Sorenson Recreation Center in Herriman: Offers camps, classes, clinics, races, and various other water fitness activities.

This is just a taste of the many aquatic centers that you can attend year round for regular fitness. If these recreational pools seem like too much of an expense, you might want to look into the cost of having your very own indoor pool installed. Give us a call for a quote today.


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