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Utah’s Best Inground Pool Builders

With our in-house design and unwavering commitment to the highest standards, you are in good hands  with Aquatech. Our in-ground gunite pools are second to none, and we’d love to show you just how important each and every one of our customers is to us.


  • Auto-CAD Design & Engineering – Allows us to provide concise professional designs and shop drawings—not a napkin with some ink on it for someone to guess what it should be. Plus with Auto-CAD we can make quick updates and exchange files via the internet.
  • In-house Crews – Your pool will be constructed by experienced and well-trained professionals. Our in-house crews also allow us more control over scheduling and custom building so we can be as flexible as you need.
  • Supervised Construction – Ensures quality control through all phases of construction. Not just a crew that has no answers when you need one. A crew of in-ground pool builders with a leader to help make sure things get done right the first time. A leader with experience that has been proven—not someone in training.
  • Top Quality Equipment – Aquatech’s commitment to excellence is complete. Aquatech doesn’t just use random equipment, we only use equipment we feel that meets or exceeds our quality expectations. Our materials are also top notch, with all of our in-ground pools being made out of gunite. We use top of the line equipment on all our projects—standard.