Pool Construction

As you await the construction of your pool, it can be nice to know what to expect. The pool building process itself averages at around a few weeks, and once finished, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful, new swimming pool in your backyard. Here is a look at the major stages of swimming pool construction when it is conducted by our experienced team of custom pool builders.

Design and Approval

To begin your swimming pool project, you will want to meet with one of our residential pool design specialists to discuss your desired pool and landscaping layout. We will work with you to come up with a unique design plan that is custom to your backyard and budget—and that meets any regional building codes. We will need to obtain the necessary permits for the construction of your pool and decking before we begin construction.


Excavation is the first stage pool construction. Once the form boards are set, heavy equipment will be brought in to dig the hole for your pool. Underground utilities, of course, will need to be checked before the digging begins.

Structure and framing

Once the hole for your pool has been dug, it’s time to lay down steel reinforcement and secure the substructure of your pool. Then the bottom of the pool will be shaped and smoothed, the plumbing system will be set in place, and any necessary wiring will be installed. Your builder will then frame the surrounding deck and walkway areas.


Once all of the structural work is finished, your pool floor can be laid, and then decorative tile will be added. Your pool builder will also need to install and set up all associated pool equipment at this stage. Finally, your pool decking will be laid out, reinforced, and poured. At this point, your pool can be finished with the finest mixes of plaster and gunite, and then your pool can be started up and inspected. Our specialists will show you how to use all pool equipment so that you’ll be ready to enjoy your pool as soon as it’s finished.