Preparing Your Pool for Night Swimming

Most pool-goers are used to enjoying the fun and refreshing waters of a swimming pool during the daytime, but one of the luxuries of owning your own swimming pool is that you have the freedom to swim in the pool at night as you please. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when it comes to preparing your home swimming pool for safe night swimming. Here are a few important things you should do to prepare your pool at the beginning of the season if you plan on enjoying nighttime swimming this summer.

Provide Ample Lighting

Ample lighting for nighttime swimming includes both in-pool lighting and poolside lighting. In-pool lighting is installed along the sides of a pool, and you should estimate to need at least two lights for a moderately sized pool. In-pool lighting is usually incandescent or LED and even comes in vibrant color-changing options. And as for poolside lighting, you’ll want to include ambient lighting that illuminates the general walking areas surrounding the pool. You’ll also want to pay attention to poolside details such as deck steps, which could benefit from added lighting details for safety.

Invest in a Pool Heater

The sun might warm your pool’s water during the day, but if you plan on swimming at night on a regular basis, you’ll want to invest in a pool heater to account for the cooler night air. Many fear that a pool heater will be expensive and add a great deal to their energy bills, but pool heaters are actually a great deal more affordable than many think. Gas and propane heaters are the most popular type of heater because of how affordable they are to install and how they can heat pool water very quickly. There are, however, other pool heater options including energy efficient heat pumps and solar heaters.

Create a Clear Poolside Area

When designing the layout of your poolside area with night swimming in mind, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t create too much clutter. Keeping poolside areas open, with furniture that is easy to navigate past, will help prevent you, family members, and other pool guests from accidentally bumping into things while navigating through the darker environment.

We at Aquatech build and service both commercial and residential pools, so we know pools inside and out. If you’re looking to build an in-ground pool on your property that is safe for day or night swimming, don’t hesitate to give us a call so that we can start helping you plan your dream swimming pool today.


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