InGround vs. Above Ground Spas

Getting a spa can be a great amenity for your yard, no matter what season it is. The social, therapeutic, and physical benefits of getting a hot tub or spa are numerous. However, there are plenty of different decisions that you must make when you first decide to get a spa, as the options are plentiful. For every potential spa owner, one of the first choices they must make about what kind of spa they want is whether to get an inground or above ground spa. Read on to find out some of the benefits of each kind of spa.

Benefits of Inground Spas

Custom Design: Inground spas are built into your property, much like an inground swimming pool. This means that you are able to have a lot more customization potential with an inground spa. The shape and amenities that you want to define your spa are entirely up to you. However, for this reason, and because of the labor costs that go into creating customized inground spa, this option will usually be more expensive to install.

Landscape Your Yard: For many homeowners, their property (especially backyard) isn’t simply a place to collect different amenities. Homeowners want their property to blend together in an aesthetic fashion. An inground spa caters to homeowners with this desire. Because of the custom nature of inground spas, you are able to blend it in with the flow and design of your property, whether indoor or outdoor.

Benefits of Above Ground Spas

Convenient and Movable: Above ground spas come fresh out of a box and can be moved wherever you’d like. After you’ve purchased and picked up your above ground hot tub, all you need to do is fill it with water, plug it in, and wait for it to warm up. After that, you’ve got yourself a certifiable hot tub! This means that you can move your hot tub around your yard, such as closer to your home in winter. They are also easy to move if you decide to sell your home and relocate, while an inground spa will be left with a home.

More Economical: Above ground spas tend to be more affordable than an inground spa, which take a lot more preparation and labor to construct. On top of that, the costs to run an above ground spa will usually be lower than an inground spa, at the cost of about $20 per month, depending on your specific spa model. Above ground hot tubs also tend to be easier to maintain.

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