The Benefits of Water Exercise

Water ExerciseThe benefits of water exercise are well-known and varied. For people recuperating from injuries, it’s a great way to work on strengthening and increasing range of motion while taking the weight off of the injured limb. The gentle support given by the water allows for freer motion than is possible in dry land. For people who have difficulty with mobility and movement, water exercise may be the only way to be mobile and free from pain while getting a workout.

People who use pools for general fitness may do deep water aerobics, run or walk in the water for a low-impact, high-resistance workout, or simply swim. Water exercises are ideal, because they add resistance and intensity while minimizing the impact on the joints that would occur from doing traditional land-based exercises.Having a home pool provides unmatched convenience for water fitness enthusiasts.

The problem is that most pools are either too small to swim in, too large for the property, too expensive, or some combination of the three. Swim spas may be the answer for some people. Swim spas are ideal for someone who wants something a little larger than a hot tub but smaller and less expensive than a full-sized pool. The way you use your swim spa is up to you and depends on your personal fitness routine. Some owners may use it to train for a competitive sport, while others may use it for general fitness or recreational purposes.

The spa offers an adjustable current at one end that the user can swim or walk against. Shallower spas are ideal for swimmers, while deeper models are necessary for people wanting to do water aerobics, current walk, or run in place. Adjusting the intensity and direction of the water flow allows the user to customize their workouts. Many water exercise programs have been developed specifically for users of swim spas, including low-impact aerobics and underwater Pilates.

At the end of a hard workout or a long day, the jetted swim spa can offer relaxation and massaging jets to soothe tired and sore muscles. The hot water and therapeutic jet streams help you relax and release tension, making it easier to let go of stress and open the way to healthier, more restful sleep.

Swim spas are portable units that are most commonly installed outside or on a deck. They can be installed above or below ground and require the same maintenance as a pool. They have hard, lockable covers like a hot tub, to help keep kids and unwanted guests away, while keeping the water clean, maintaining the heat, and protecting against evaporation. If you have been thinking about getting a hot tub, pool, or both, a swim spa might be a good, workable solution.

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