Best Ingredients for a Safe Pool

Do you love your pool but hate the strain it has on the environment and your bank account? If so, there are eco-friendly products that are the perfect solution to these problems. Many of our customers are concerned about their pool’s negative impact on the environment. Pools have a notorious reputation for using harmful chemicals and draining energy resources. You can reduce your impact with these four environmentally-safe products.

Top Eco-Friendly Products For Your Pool

  1. Chlorine Alternatives

Pool sanitation chemicals like chlorine are bad for the environment and your body. Chlorine is the traditional method of cleaning your pool, but it poses many health risks to the human body. Too much exposure to chlorinated pools increases the risk of developing cancer, cause allergic reactions, red eyes, dehydrate your skin, and even cause reproductive issues, respiratory problems, and other major issues.

Chlorinated pools are also harmful to the environment. The evaporated pool chemicals of chlorine heavily contribute to the production of greenhouse gases. Also, the chemicals are toxic to organisms living in water which can affect the immune system, blood, heart, and respiratory system of animals if exposed repeatedly.

Here are a few of our top chlorine alternatives:

  • FROG® Water Care System
  • Salt Water
  • Bromine
  • PHMB (polyhexamethylene biguanide)
  • Ozonator Systems
  • Natural Mineral Sanitizers
  1. The Rebel Pool Cleaner

Many of our customers ask us whether they should buy a robotic pool cleaner and our answer is always YES! Not only is a robotic pool cleaner an all-in-one equipment system, but its efficient at what it does. According to the National Plasterers Council, “Self-contained robotic pool cleaners were 93% more energy efficient than a standard main pool filter system.” Also, these systems require a lot less energy than other types. How much exactly? On average, robotic pool cleaners draw 180 Watts compared to more traditional cleaner’s 1kWh. That’s 82% less energy consumption overall.

Here are a few other reasons why you should grab a robot pool cleaner for your pool:

  • Reduces the amount of chemical cleaner your pool needs.
  • Reduces the number of times you need to clean and change your pool filter.
  • Costs less than five cents an hour to run.
  1. Solar Heater

Going solar is one of the most beneficial moves you can make for the environment. Opting for solar energy rather than fossil fuel solar heaters rely on a renewable source of energy that heats the pool. Using solar pool heaters instead of electric or gas-powered heaters dramatically reduces the use of fossil fuels and reduces the smog created when burning them.

Although solar heaters are more expensive, they offer a higher return on investment. A solar heat pump only has a monthly operating cost of $50- $150 compared to $300-$600 cost of electric or gas heaters. Solar pool heaters also last longer than alternatives. Typically, solar heater’s lifespan ranges from 15-20 years where traditional heaters last about five.

Along with longer lifespan, solar heaters are also more efficient. Typically, an electric or gas pool heater has a very low energy efficiency rating. Research also shows that solar heating is one of the most efficient ways of using solar energy. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a solar pool heater usually cost about $3,000 to $4,000 to purchase and has a payback period between 1.5 to 7 years depending on the cost of fuel in your local area.

  1. Pool Cover

Getting a pool cover is another great way to help the environment. Whether you want to cut down on energy use or keep out debris, there are many benefits of covering your pool. Here are our top reasons why you should get a pool cover:

  • Cuts down your use of chemicals.
  • Retains heat and, therefore, cuts down heating costs.
  • Keeps debris out and reduces the overuse of cleaning chemicals.
  • Saves energy costs.
  • Conserves water by reducing evaporation.

Making your pool more environmentally-friendly may sound intimidating, but it’s well worth your time and money to give it a try. The eco-experts at Intermountain Aquatech are here to help. Visit to browse eco-friendly products or contact our team for additional help.



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