Why Children (and Adults) Need Swimming Lessons

Utah Backyard Swimming Pool Safety

If you are like most Americans swimming is an essential part of the summer. From relaxing poolside to waterskiing, there is nothing quite like a summer spent next to the water. But as much as we love water, it is no secret that it can be dangerous especially for children.

Let’s look at how swimming lessons could change current trends and protect your child


#1: Swimming is the Only Sport that Can Save Your Child’s Life

The most important reason that a child needs to learn how to swim is that it provides lessons on how to do so safely.

While learning how to swim can significantly increase the amount of fun you have around water, it is also the only sport that can save a life. Swimming lessons teach you how to swim, so you avoid problems while you are in the water. It also builds confidence so that when you are in dangerous situations, you can remain calm and swim to safety.


#2: Swimming Lessons Teach Valuable Skills

Swimming lessons teach people of all ages the skills they need to prevent accidental injuries and help promote water safety. Participating in swimming lessons will not only teach you how to become a strong swimmer but give the necessary experience you need to have confidence in the water. The lessons you will learn will teach you basic water safety techniques as well as what to do when you accidentally fall into the pool or are getting pulled by the current.


#3: Swimming Provides Challenges and Rewards Accomplishments

While swimming lessons mainly teach safety skills, there are also an array of benefits besides safety reasons. When you enroll in swimming lessons, you are provided with challenges that you will need to overcome whether they are mental or physical. As you overcome these problems, you are rewarded accordingly. This technique teaches you how to work hard and reach for success. It also shows mental and physical endurance, which can benefit you in other areas of your life.


#4: Swimming Lessons Build Self-Confidence

Mastering a skill like swimming builds confidence. Swimming lessons help you learn a valuable skill and have fun while you do it. Since you are facing challenges and overcoming them, you will build confidence without even realizing it. Not only will you be confident in your swimming abilities. But you will recognize your efforts and feel proud of what you accomplish.


#5: Swimming Lessons Keep You Healthy

Swimming keeps the heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina, and improves balance and posture. It is also is the least impactful sport meaning it won’t cause undue stress on your body that can lead to injury.

If you want to train in a sport with benefits that truly outweigh all of the cons, swimming is for you. Swimming lessons will teach you proper techniques, so you are getting the most bang for your buck while you are in the water.

Along with benefitting you physically, swimming can also improve mental and emotional health. Since swimming is a low-intensity sport, it is a very relaxing and enjoyable activity for many people. It is also an activity that can be done individually or in a group-setting which allows you to participate year-round whether you are on a team or want a relaxing day swimming laps at the local pool.


#6: Swimming is Fun

All in all, swimming is fun for everyone. Whether you are a kid or an adult learning how to swim, you will finally enjoy your time in the water without any of that unnecessary stress. When you learn how to swim, you can better enjoy pool parties, beach time, boating, and all other water-related activities that are an exciting part of an American summer.


If you are learning to swim and need a place to practice your new skills, having a pool outside of your back door is the perfect way to start. Learn more about your future at-home swimming pool by browsing the Intermountain Aquatech site. Our swimming pool experts can guide you in the right direction. Contact us today.


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