Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Pool

Skimming leaves from a poolSpring is a great time to clean out all the winter dust and open the curtains to let in some sunshine and let out all the gloom!  Time to start packing up the winter coats and boots and start to bring out the shorts and bikinis.  Then you suddenly remember the pool is an eyesore after being neglected all winter long.

March is a great time to begin the annual de-winterizing of the pool.  If done early enough, you can avoid working under the hot summer sun, and start taking care of things before algae begins to grow.  Here are a some steps to help you out.

  1. Remove the cover.  Your pool cover is likely covered in leaves, dirt, or just dirty water.  Use of a submersible pump hooked to a hose will quickly suck away any water.  Remove as much of the leaves and other debris as possible before you attempt to remove the cover.  This will significantly reduce the amount of dirt and debris getting into the pool when the cover slides off.  Once the cover is off, clean and dry it out in the sun.  Make sure both sides are dry before it’s rolled up and stored away.

  2. You’ll likely need to add more water to the pool.  Fill until the water level is halfway up the skimmer opening.

  3. While the pool is filling, you can remove winterizing plugs from the return jets and skimmers and open all necessary valves.  Put all other plugs back into the pump, chlorinator, heater, etc.  Make sure to clean out the filter before you turn on the pump.

  4. Turn on the pump and check all fittings and pipes for leaks.  Walk around the pool and inspect everything you can see.  Make sure you repair or replace any broken steps, railings, and anything else that’s in ill repair.

  5. Skim the surface of the pool and vacuum the bottom to eliminate any “floaties” or “sinkers” you can.

  6. Let the pump run for 8-12 hours before trying to adjust or treat the water.  This will help remove any unwanted contaminates and let the water all neutralize so you’ll have a better idea what treatments are needed.

  7. Add in the appropriate chemicals to balance the PH between 7.2 and 7.6, along with algaecide and chlorine shock.

  8. If you have super dirty water and your water looks more like a swamp than a pool, you may need to add several gallons of chlorine shock.  Allow the pool to sit overnight, and if the water is not clear, add some more.  For the next 24 hours run the filter and backwash several times.  This should clear up the water within a few days.

If you still are hesitant and need any other one on one information, feel free to stop by our store and we would love to help you out.

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