Awesome Water Slides from Around the World

One of the best things to do on vacation is hit the pool. Most kids, and kids at heart, love playing in the water, splashing each other, and hitting the water slides. A truly awesome water slide is even better than a pool. Here are some of the coolest water slides that dot the globe.

The Wildebeest is the world’s longest water slide at over 1/3 of a mile long. Riders get a two and a half minute ride of hills, drops, twists and turns. The ride begins with a conveyor ride up to the top, thus avoiding the typical stairs. This makes this water slide accessible to riders who may have difficulty walking or climbing the stairs. A four story drop at 45 degrees gets the riders to 36 feet per second. Using an alternating magnetic field beneath the slides surface, the rafts are smoothly pushed up seven additional hills to cover over two acres, around a helix, and through two underground tunnels. You can find this slide at Holiday World in Indiana.

The Leap of Faith slide begins with a 60 ft. almost-vertical drop from the top of a Mayan temple, thrusting riders through a see-through tube submerged in a shark tank. This slide is located at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

The Abyss is a 50-foot plunge into complete darkness in a 200-foot long body slide and ends in an underground lair of prehistoric alligator gars and fish. This slide is also located at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

The Toboggan slide is perhaps the most beautiful water slide in the world. Instead of one long slide, there are four slides, each separated by a pool where you can relax and view the beautiful Mediterranean paradise. The final slide empties into the open sea. Visit this slide at Città del Mare in Italy.

The Wilderness at the Smokies slide only lasts seven seconds, but the seconds are action packed. The rider begins by standing on a trapdoor which suddenly releases them into a 39 foot free fall. They then enter a gravity powered loop the loop where riders experience at 2.5 G’s of force! You can find this slide in Tennessee.

The Behemoth Bowl is a fitting name for this ride. Four passengers are seated face to face on a raft and reach speeds of 32 feet per second as they plunge down a 262-foot long tunnel and into a 60-foot wide bowl. After several spins around the bowl, the raft finally slows enough to slide down to the center where it drops down a central chute and into a large splash pool. This slide is located at Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou, China.

Known as simply “The Duck” this water coaster involves a two person inflatable raft that is propelled forward by high powered water jets. After an initial drop, riders slide through a see through, acrylic flume that extends out past the side of the ship, and directly above the ocean, 150 feet below. Located on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy cruise ships.

Insano is currently the tallest water slide in the world. This slide takes a 135-foot plunge hitting speeds of 65 miles per hour and takes less than 5 seconds from start to finish. This slide is located at Beach Park in Aquiraz, Brazil.

Opening this May, The Verruckt, German for “Insane”, will be the worlds tallest water slide at 168 feet 7 inches. After climbing 264 steps, riders hop on a four person inflatable raft and take the initial plunge, hitting speeds over 65 miles per hour before being thrust up a 5 story hill and finally coming to a stop at the end. This slide will open at Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City, Kansas.

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