Gift Ideas for Swimming Enthusiasts

If you have an avid swimmer in your life, you should be thinking of a gift you can give them that will feed their hobby. The obvious choices seem to be towels and swimwear, but those probably aren’t the things most swimmers will want, since they are likely to have them already. Instead, look for something really unique and helpful that they can use in their daily routines.

Gear to Help Improve Technique

Swimming enthusiasts are sure to love anything that will help them become a better swimmer. You might look into a swimmer’s snorkel, which allows them to focus on rhythm and strength as they swim rather than focus on their breathing. There are also swim gloves that allow a swimmer to build strength because of the resistance the gloves create in the water.

Performance Monitoring Gadgets

Look for waterproof gadgets that can help your swimmer monitor their performance. A simple lap counter and timer is a very handy tool for any swimmer. An even better gift would be a smartwatch, which is designed to tell the time, count laps, and split laps—all on a waterproof, light-up digital watch face.

Waterproof MP3 Player

Music is a great motivator for any workout, and it shouldn’t have to be limited to when you go running. Swimmers now have a way to listen to their tunes as they swim with waterproof MP3 players and earbuds. There are a few options for these delightful tools according to your swimmer’s preferences. The earbuds may be connected with a short cord that you can tuck into your swimsuit or cap without it getting tangled or in the way. There are also wireless earbuds so that you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to keep your MP3 player on you while you’re swimming. Any of your swimming friends will love this thoughtful and motivating gift.

Swim Books

If you know someone who loves swimming with an unmatched passion, motivational swim books would make great gifts. After they retire, many Olympic swimmers have written down the story of their personal journey and success. These stories make great books to offer to any aspiring Olympic athlete or for anyone who is glued to the television when the swim portion of the Olympics is on. If you know someone who is just getting started with swimming, they might love a book with different techniques and tips for the beginning swimmer.


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