Money-Saving Tips for Swimsuit Shopping

Looking to invest in a new swimsuit this summer but don’t want to spend a great deal of money while doing it? Here are some tips to saving money on your swimsuit purchases.

Wait until mid-summer.

If you can afford to wait until mid-summer for your swimsuit, you’re more likely to score a great deal on a swimsuit as retailers begin to make room for fall season stock—and you’ll still have weeks of warm weather ahead of you to enjoy your new suit. Consider bookmarking swimsuits that you’ve found and admired online, checking up on those retailers regularly for new sales on swimwear. You’ll likely find sales of 25% off or more at this time of the year.

Set up price alerts.

Did you know that you certain apps allow you to save favorite items to “watch lists,” and you can turn on price alerts that will notify you of when something you’ve been eyeing is on sale. Some apps that offer this function include ShopStyle, PricePinx, and Shop It To Me.

Shop “secondhand.”

No, you don’t need to head over to the nearest thrift store in search of a new suit, and you don’t have a purchase a suit that’s already been worn, either. Take advantage of online websites like Vinted and eBay, and buy a new swimsuit from someone with the tags still attached, for a great deal less that what you would pay for retail.

Shop outlets and discount sites.

Countless clothing outlets—from designer label outlets, to those that specialize in athletic apparel—grant you the opportunity to save big on swimsuits that you wouldn’t have even considered purchasing at full price. See if your favorite designers have outlet stores, either brick-and-mortar or online, and don’t forget about other outlet-type sites like 6pm, PlanetGear, and HauteLook. Find sites that cater best to your style an stay up-to-date with them until you find the perfect swimsuit for you.

Invest in high quality.

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you’re looking to make a smart investment in a swimsuit that will save you money in the long run, opt for higher quality. A higher quality suit can last you for years to come, and it will leave you less likely to go out and buy another suit right away to replace a sub-par suit that you just recently bought. So what makes for a high quality suit, then? Look for zigzag stitching that will give you stretch, full and secure lining, a seamless structure, and nylon and spandex fabrics. When examining the fabric of a suit you’re considering, try stretching it in multiple directions as well; if you see any white fabrics, this suit probably isn’t going to last for long.

Take care of the suits you own.

Don’t forget that taking regular, diligent care of swimsuits that you already own (and of your new, high-quality investments) will make them last longer, meaning that you may not have to invest in a new suit as soon as you think down the road. Rinsing a swimsuit of chlorine and dirt immediately after every use and following the rinse up with a good hand washing will lengthen its time span.

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