Swimming Lessons in the Winter

Winter has a nasty habit of driving everyone inside, limiting your children’s exercise and increasing their pent-up energy. After awhile, the pent-up energy can quickly turn into full-blown chaos. That’s one reason putting your kids in swimming lessons in the winter is a great option.

For Their Health

With child obesity on the rise, it’s very important that kids continue to get their exercise year round. It is much easier to do this in the summer, since there are many things for them to do outside. However, when winter hits, getting exercise outside is not a very good idea, since the cold can damage the lungs and worsen breathing conditions like asthma. The only exercise your child might get in a day during the winter is in physical education classes in school, and unfortunately, that’s simply not enough for a healthy lifestyle. Swimming is a great source of exercise since it offers both cardiovascular and strength fitness. It’s a great, fun source of exercise that can be done indoors.

Smaller Class Sizes

In the winter, the class sizes are significantly smaller for swimming lessons, and pools tend to only keep their very best coaches since they need to cut down on staff in the winter. This means only the best, specialized attention for your little swimmers at their lessons.

Cleaner Pools

Let’s face it. Public pools are not the cleanest facilities in the world. The extra people constantly flooding the pool in summer make this problem even worse. During the winter, pool traffic is dramatically decreased, meaning that the filters are allowed to do their job better. The pool is much cleaner, and you can feel much better about taking your children to the pool every day.

Finding a Swimsuit in the Winter

If you are going to do swimming lessons in the winter, you’re going to be faced with certain limitations and drawbacks you might not have otherwise faced. For example, finding good swimsuits and gear for your children’s lessons. Department stores certainly won’t be selling those items anymore. Instead, look online for great deals on swimwear. You might be worried about buying online because you aren’t sure how the gear will fit when it arrives, but most online swim shops have very good sizing charts to help make sure that you will be satisfied with your purchase. You might also look at your local pool or recreational center, as they might have a gift shop with swim gear for sale year round.


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