Top Trends in Women’s Swimwear for 2014

The days are warmer, the sun is shining longer, the pools are open, and summer is here. My kids have spent pretty much every day since Memorial Day weekend in the pool, which means that Mom has been spending a lot of time poolside too. With the amount of time we’ll be spending in and around the water, both in the pool and on vacation, we’ll all need new swimming suits. If you’re like me and the one or two suits you own are the wrong size, in bad shape, or just out of style, you’ll want a new one so that you can look your best in and around the water.

To help you get started, here are a few of the hottest trends in women’s swimsuits for 2014:

Bold prints and neon colors are back. From tribal prints to geometric shapes, and floral patterns to animal prints, bold patterns are in, particularly when you pair them with bold or neon colors.

Blouson tops. Whether you choose these in a one-piece or two-piece style, the extra fabric around the middle is flattering for all body types. It adds shape to a slim figure or camouflages a tummy that is a little thicker than you would like. Because they are so generously cut, blouson styles are even popular in maternity swimwear.

Sheer and mesh are sexy. A little bit of see-through detailing on a swimsuit in a not-too-conspicuous spot can add a little bit of allure to an otherwise plain style.

Bustier tops. These are seen mostly in two-piece and bikini styles. While not for the body-conscious, they do a great job of accentuating your figure and can be an incentive when you’re tempted to skip your morning workout. Bustier tops are available in strapless and halter designs and pair well with a variety of bottoms.

Tie the knot. While not for the faint of heart, swimsuits with stripy or stringed sides are one of the hottest styles this year. Often adorned with knots, these string styles are found on the sides of one-piece suits and bikini bottoms.

One-piece bandeaus have been updated. For those of us who want a trendy suit but would rather hide in the house than appear in a bikini, this may be the answer. These bandeau suits have been updated with figure-flattering corset styling and full coverage in the areas you need it most. The strapless design keeps it edgy.

Nautical themes are always in fashion. From sailor-inspired designs to conservative one-piece and the more revealing two piece, as long as it is navy, white, and red, you’re good to go. Nautical themes, such as navy and white stripes are particularly fashionable.

Let the fringes sway. We’re seeing a lot of fringe trim on both one-piece and two-piece suits. This fringe is generally on the top and helps to enhance a small bust, but it’s also appearing on bottoms to draw attention to the hips.

The most important factor in choosing a swimsuit is your level of comfort in it. Choosing a suit that is on-trend and makes you look great will boost your confidence around the pool all season, whether you’re out with the kids or enjoying a night poolside with your friends.

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