Uniquely Shaped Swimming Pools in the USA

Have you ever had the experience of swimming in a pool shaped as your favorite animal or musical instrument? Here are some uniquely shaped pools located throughout the U.S. and where to find them. Save this list for a pool themed vacation—which can happen sooner than you think with many of these pools being located in warmer climates.

Guitar and Piano | Disney’s All-Star Music Resort, Orlando, Florida

The 251,418-gallon guitar pool at this music-themed Disney resort is so large that guests might not even realize upon first stepping into it that it is, in fact, a very large guitar. Guests can also step into a warm leisure pool in the shape of a piano, complete with black and white keys fashioned with artful tile work along the pool’s edge.

Heart | Heartbreak Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee

This Elvis Presley themed hotel located in Memphis is complete with a heart-shaped pool, tiled in a lagged line of black tiles down the center to communicate the very essence of the hotel.

Airplane | Flying W Airport Resort, Medford, New Jersey

This is an aptly-shaped pool for this themed resort to be sure, where guests can lounge near the plane-shaped pool or treat themselves to a treat at the “Runway Café.” There are also a small motel, golf course, and airport on the premises.

Buffalo | University of Colorado Recreation Center, Boulder, Colorado

This pool was built to match the university’s mascot as part of a $63 million recreation center renovation project. The pool is complete with the school’s “CU” initials tiled in yellow along the pool floor, so students can take a break from studying while having some school spirit. There is another buffalo shaped pool in the U.S., located in Las Vegas at Buffalo Bill’s Resort & Casino.

Texas | The Texas Pool, Plano, TX

Yep—this 168,000-gallon pool is shaped like the Lone Star State and is open to the public.

Art Deco Design | The Raleigh South Beach Hotel, Miami, Florida

This artfully designed saltwater pool is located at a hotel hailed by Condé Nast Traveler as the “grand dame” of South Beach Art Deco. The oft-photographed pool was even made famous by swimming and movie star Esther Williams, who famously leaped from the waterfall donning a sequined bonnet.

Dog Bone | Pet Paradise Resort, Charlotte, North Carolina

As you may have guessed, this pool is reserved for your pups during their stay at this North Carolina pet boarding hotel. Dogs can splash around in the in-ground pool shaped like their favorite treat while enjoying a myriad of other activities.

Cat | Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami, Florida

This feline-shaped pool resembling a vintage 1950s kit-cat clock is sadly no longer around, but photographer Slim Aarons captured it in 1955 as part of his love for capturing “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.”

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