Water-Friendly Electronics You Can Bring into the Pool

If you have an at-home pool—or even if you go to a public pool on a regular basis—it’s likely that one major rule you stand by is that water and electronics don’t mix. Yet so often these days, they do, in fact. With the rising popularity of waterproof cameras and other gadgets, incorporating your favorite gadgets into water-filled fun couldn’t be easier. So while the cautious person inside of you might still feel wary about bringing any sort of electronics near the pool, here are some water-friendly electronics to consider for added fun in the pool.

Digital cameras

The waterproof camera is, of course, an immensely popular gadget that is making its way into the pool because it means you can document all of the fun in the water that you have during the summer. These are especially great for pools because the water isn’t murky as in natural bodies of water, making for clear, high-quality underwater photos. The GoPro is probably the most popular waterproof camera on the market currently because of its small size and tremendous versatility with the variety of mounts to choose from, but you can find waterproof cameras made by a multitude of manufacturers, available at price points to suit any budget.

Digital camcorders

Most digital cameras have a video mode for capturing video, but don’t forget about the high-end video capturing possibilities that a waterproof digital camcorder offers. For the truly avid videographer, one of these is a must.


Thanks to the coming of smart watches like the Apple Watch, digital watches are officially here to stay. And while there may not be many options for fully submersible, waterproof, multi-dimensional smart watches yet, you can still enjoy a wide variety of activity tracking watches made to be submerged in water. These are perfect for keeping track of your heart rate, skin temperature, and more when you engage in pool-based activities such as lap swimming and water aerobics. Again, be sure that you invest in a watch that is truly submersible rather that splash resistant.


Complete your next pool party with a set of waterproof speakers. Bluetooth speakers in particular offer portability and pair perfectly with another waterproof device carrying music.

Waterproof accessories for gadgets

Don’t forget that you can also purchase waterproof accessories for just about any electronic gadget you’d want to bring in the water. Waterproof phone cases allow your phone to become virtually accident proof—just be sure that the particular case you buy provides suitable water protection for the depth of your pool. You’ll even find waterproof cases for tablets and digital cameras you may already own. Some water-adapting tech accessories will also have a flotation feature, protecting your phone or camera from sinking should it fall out of your grip.

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