Adding Music to Your Hot Tub Experience

While you are soaking in the hot tub, the sound of the jets, while relaxing, may not be the most entertaining sound.  If you are throwing a party or planning a relaxing evening, you probably want to add music to enhance your hot tub experience.  There are many options that you can use to add music while you and your friends are enjoying yourselves in your hot tub.  

Boat Stereo

Boat stereos are a great and waterproof way to add music to your hot tub experience.  You can attach the speakers to the side of your spa with the assurance that they will not be ruined by the water.  Many boat stereos are able to be connected to bluetooth, so you can put your device far away from the spa to keep it dry.

Floating Portable Speakers

A newer invention is that of the floating speakers.  You can bring the waterproof speakers right into the hot tub with you and enjoy your music, and adjust the settings, while you are enjoying a peaceful soak.  Again, most portable speakers can connect with bluetooth to protect your device.

Waterproof Case on your iPhone or Android Phone

You can always get a waterproof case and waterproof headphones for your phone and bring it right into the hot tub with you and enjoy a relaxing evening with music only you can hear.  Make sure that you test the case before you put it on your phone to make sure that it is truly waterproof.  

Rock Speakers

If you like to enjoy music, but keep the source hidden, you can purchase a set of rock speakers that blend right into your landscaping.  You can get brown, grey, marble, granite rock speakers, speakers in your planters, and more.  

Shower Speakers

A budget friendly option for hot tub speakers is using a shower speaker in your spa.  As long as the speaker is not fully immersed, you can get pretty good sound for a pretty low price.


You can use any old boombox to add music to your hot tubbing experience.  Put it nearby, but out of reach of splashing water, and turn on your favorite tunes.  You can pop in a CD, tune to the radio, or even hook up your MP3 device to most boomboxes, so jam away!

Hire a Band

If you’re really throwing that crazy of a party, you may want to hire a band to sit beside your hot tub and play live music while your party guests dance the night away.  Put the band far enough away from the water that their instruments won’t get ruined, but close enough so that you can soak in the glory of their live music.  


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