Benefits of Having an In-Ground Custom Spa

If you’re familiar with us, then you probably know that we delight in offering Utah homeowners beautiful above-ground spas by Caldera. But what you might not know is that we also do custom in-ground spas to go along with residential pools. Are you considering having an in-ground custom spa designed and built at your home? Here is a look at the unique benefits of having an in-ground custom spa.

Pick and choose your features.

Opting for a custom in-ground spa allows you to have exactly what you want out of your spa. If you’re a fan of intricate stonework or tile work and want that to surround your spa, you can when you opt for an in-ground spa. You can even customize your spa with features like steps and ledges, spa seating, unique lighting, integrated sound, and computerized controls.

Accent your landscape.

No spa will blend more seamlessly into your landscape than an in-ground custom spa. Having an in-ground spa designed and built for your property grants you the unique opportunity to make that spa complement any already existing landscaping. You could even use having a new spa built as an opportunity to design a new, larger landscape for your backyard, with your in-ground spa as a centerpiece of that landscape. So if how your backyard is landscaped is especially important to you, consider opting for an in-ground spa rather than an above-ground one.

Add lasting value to your home.

In-ground spas are designed and built to last. You can expect the in-ground spa that you have installed to add value to your home for decades. And when it comes time to list your home for selling, you can count your in-ground spa as a legitimate home improvement. An in-ground spa will prove an attractive amenity for many prospective home buyers.

Enjoy close proximity to your pool.

In-ground spas are typically installed near the pool, saving on installation and maintenance costs. If you like sinking into a warm spa after a long swim, then an in-ground spa might be the perfect option for you because it will be situated right next to your pool. That’s a luxury you might not enjoy with an above-ground spa, which may have to be installed next to your home.

Get in and out with ease.

In-ground spas are especially easy to get in and out of. You can have custom steps built in, and there are no above-ground ledges to worry about getting over.

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