Conversation Games for Hot Tubs (Part 2)

Today we’re sharing some more tips for one of the best hot tub activities: conversation games. Conversation games require nothing but you and your friends. A fun atmosphere to chat and share is also a must, and the hot tub is the perfect place!

Last time we talked about Truth or Dare, Dealbreaker, and Never Have I Ever. Today, we’re discussing more ideas for great conversation games you can use in your home jacuzzi!

Would You Rather

This game will get just as fun as your imagination makes it. This is played by posing two similarly repulsive scenarios and asking players to choose one. You could do a more positive approach, like “would you rather be Iron Man or Captain America?” but honestly, the most fun ones are squeamishly silly scenarios, like “would you rather kiss someone with no teeth, or someone who had a crazy overabundance of saliva?”

20 Questions

One person thinks of an item, and the rest of the group has to narrow down what it is in only 20 questions (that can be answered with “yes” or “no”). Usually, this game starts with questions like “Animal, vegetable, or mineral?” and “Is it bigger than a breadbox?”

Desert Island

If you’re not sure how to play this one, just ask Jim from The Office. Each person has to share the three books, or movies, that they’d want to bring with them on a desert island. You’ll get to see each person’s priorities and most cherished favorites. It can also be fun to ask, which person would you like to be stranded on a desert island with?

6 Degrees to Kevin Bacon

Now, you don’t have to use Kevin Bacon for this one, but he’s a part of the game due to the idea that everyone on earth is connected by a chain of at most 6 people. Pick any two actors. See if you can connect them in 6 steps or less. For example, try connecting Frankie Muniz and Ben Affleck. Frankie Muniz was in Agent Cody Banks with Hilary Duff, who was in Cheaper by the Dozen with Bonnie Hunt, who was in Return to Me with Minnie Driver, who was in Good Will Hunting with Ben Affleck. Done! You can also play a variation where you connect actors through kissing: either celebrity couples, or movie matchups.

Music & Lyrics

Think of a base word to start with, like “California” or “light.” Then, go around in a circle. Each person has to think of a song that uses the word at some point. If they can’t sing the exact line, they don’t get the point!

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