Don’t Buy A Used Hot Tub Until You Read This!

You’ve seen it before.  The used hot tub on KSL or Craigslist that for some reason, is less than $100. They say they just don’t use it anymore, or that it just needs “a little bit of work”. The price is so tempting, and it looks like it’s in good enough condition, why not buy it, right?  Don’t fall into this trap! You need to be incredibly careful when it comes to buying a used spa.  Read on for what to look out for if you’re buying a used spa.

Think of the germs!

Used spas can be nesting grounds for mold, bacteria, fungi, algae, etc.  You never know what microorganisms can be lurking in the pipes, plumbing, and on the shell. Body oils, dirt, hair, dead skin cells, and yeast can build up on a used hot tub, and it is absolutely necessary to do a deep clean of the entire unit before you even think about jumping into a used hot tub.   

Why are they selling it?

This is the very first question you should ask.  If the owner is selling the spa because they never use it, chances are it has been neglected for many months or even years.  Neglecting a spa can cause it to deteriorate.  The electrical components could be corroded or broken, motors rusted, gaskets, dried out, the shell cracked, etc.  Avoid spas that have been neglected or not used for a long time, as the owner doesn’t know everything that’s wrong with it, nor do you.  If they are selling it because it’s a fixer-upper, you also should avoid that hot tub.  Even if you are really good at home improvement and DIY projects, dealing with electrical parts (especially electrical parts that are around water) is rarely a good idea.  If they are selling the spa because they are moving and can’t take it with them, but it is in otherwise great condition, that spa could be a good one.  

Where are there damages?

Another question to ask is are there any damages on the unit?  Check for all types of damages, as even damages that appear to be superficial could actually cause functional problems.  Look for cracks in the pipes, on the insulation, or on the acrylic shell.  Make sure that the cover fits tight and there are no problems with it.  Inspect the spa shell and cabinet to make sure that it is not warped, blistered, cracked, and make sure that rodents have not been able to infiltrate it.  Check all of the functional parts, like the jets, the pumps, heating system, etc.  It may be a good idea to hire someone to do this for you.

Just Buy New

If you buy a new hot tub, you never have to worry about germs, bacteria, dead skin cells, broken parts, etc.  Buying a used hot tub seem like it will save you money, but it may end up being more expensive due to the extensive repairs it may need.  All of our Caldera Spas are protected under warranty, so you can buy with an assurance of quality.  You never have to worry about who or what was done in the hot tub, or worry about how well maintained it was if you buy a new hot tub.


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