Hot Tub Safety Tips

We are all concerned about safety.  How to keep your home safe, how to arrive safely at your destination, teaching your kids stranger danger, etc.  Naturally, you are concerned about being safe around your hot tub as well.  Your spa is a wonderful, relaxing place, but if you are constantly concerned about safety, the comfortable spa can quickly become a stressful environment.  Below are five safety tips to keep you and your family safe while bathing in your spa.  

Use a Spa Cover

When not in use, make sure that your spa cover is completely covering your hot tub, and is properly locked (if you have a locking device).  This will protect kids and pets from accidentally falling into the spa.  Keep a close eye on small children and do not allow them to play in the hot tub area without supervision.  Make sure that your spa cover is in good condition, so that it will protect your family to the best of its ability.  

Install Stairs & a Safety Railing

Install stairs and a safety railing to help bathers get in and out of the hot tub safely.  The railing will give them something to hold onto if they slip, and the stairs will help weak and small guests get in and out of the spa easily.

Do Not Bathe Alone

You should never use the hot tub alone.  If you slip, fall, or have any other problem, no one will be able to help you if you are alone.  Make sure that children always have adult supervision when using the spa.  Besides the safety implications of bathing with a group, it is more fun to soak with friends.

Do Not Submerge Your Head

Submerging your head into the hot tub makes it easier for you to become overheated.  If you become overheated, you can pass out, and accidentally slip under the water.  Another safety concern is that if you have long hair, your hair could become caught in the drain cover, and you can drown if you are not released quickly.  You can also tie back your hair to prevent this from happening.  

Properly Maintain Chemicals

Always make sure that the chemicals in your spa are at the right levels to keep your hot tub germ-free.  The pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.8, total alkalinity between 80-150 ppm, chlorine at 2-4 ppm, and bromine at 4-6 ppm.  

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