Must-Have Spa Accessories

The colder months are setting in, which means that it’s prime hot tub season! You bought your home spa so that you could relax and spend time with friends and family luxuriating in the great outdoors in comfort. And while a hot tub in and of itself is really cool, an awesome new accessory can re-ignite the excitement, and make your time in the tub even more fun. Here are some of our favorite accessories to add to your hot tub experience:

Spa Pillow

A comfortable hot tub pillow is just what you need to take your relaxation to the next level. Your neck and head will be gently supported as you lean back against the side of the hot tub as part of your therapeutic dip. Many hot tubs come with pillows installed. However, there are many additional options available that conform to your preferences and your body in order to create the perfect relaxation experience. Most waterproof spa pillows attach to the edge of your spa with ease.

Floating Trays/Cup Holders

Very few spas come with counter space available tub-side. However, you can still easily enjoy treats and drinks in your tub if you get yourself a hot tub tray. Some options float, which will make them easy to move around the space so that each friend can grab what they want. Other options attach to the side of your hot tub, much like the spa pillow, which makes it more sturdy and unobtrusive.

Underwater Light

There are many fun underwater lights that you can use to light up your spa for an exciting party. You can get one that glows just one color, or one that lights up the hot tub like a disco ball. Most underwater lights only require a couple of batteries to run, so you can light up your hot tub like the 4th of July in no time!

Floating Checkers

If you’re a fan of games and puzzles, you can bring the fun into your hot tubbing experience with floating checkers. Checkers isn’t the only game available, either. Many hot tub owners like to have waterproof playing cards (100% plastic). There are also tons of fun games you can do with cups, ping pong balls, and rubber ducks.

Aromatherapy Infusions

Maximize the therapeutic effect of your hot tub with some aromatherapy. Different smells have the power to affect our mood, our memories, and our emotions. Add something citrusy for an invigorating effect, or coconut to make everyone feel like they’re on a tropical vacation. Other smells can soothe anxiety and muscle aches, or even make the atmosphere a little more romantic. Remember, though, to make sure that the scents are hot-tub safe. Certain oils and chemicals can gunk up your water circulation and heating system.

Towel Rack

Step out of your hot tub and straight into a fluffy, warm, and most importantly, dry towel. Usually, we’re at a loss for where to keep our towels when we enjoy our jacuzzi. Folded towels perched on the edge of the tub often fall into chilly puddles. However, with a simple towel rack on the side of your tub, you’ll never have to resort to sopping wet towels as you tiptoe back into the house.

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