8 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Hot Tub Party

With the summer months winding down; pool parties become less frequent.  Many people start winterizing their pools and hot tubs, not thinking about them until next spring.  However, a relaxing hot tub party may be just what you need to hold onto the last few moments of summer.  Whether you are throwing the last bash before closing your hot tub and pool for the year or an opening to a new season of fun,  below are a few tips to throwing the ultimate hot tub soiree.

Pick a Theme

Everybody appreciates a little bit of imagination, even the smallest gestures go a long way.  Some theme ideas are: barbecue, girls night out, evening on the beach or a vintage swimsuit party.  Keep your decorations, music, and food in line with the theme.  Be sure to inform the guests of the theme in case they need to dress accordingly.  

Keep the Invite List Small

A hot tub party is a lot more intimate than a large pool party, mostly due to the limitations of the hot tub.  Invite only a few choice friends to avoid crowding.  Remember to review your list so you don’t leave anyone out.  If you are worried about cutting down numbers, you can always enter the hot tub in shifts.

Plan Food and Drinks

Keep the food simple, but fun.  Light finger foods work best, as no one likes to swim on a full stomach.  It is easy to get dehydrated while in the hot tub, so make sure that as well as flavored sodas and drinks, you supply plenty of water.  If you’d like, turn the party into a potluck and have your guests bring something to share.

Keep it Clean

Make sure to properly balance the pH levels in your hot tub the night before, as well as make sure the water is properly sanitized.  Here is a quick refresher on keeping your hot tub clean. Ensure the walkway from the food to the hot tub is free of dirt and other things as those will end up in the hot tub from the guests’ feet.  If you need to, put a towel outside the entrance of the hot tub for guests to wipe their feet on to keep the hot tub crystal clear.

Prepare the Ambiance

Music is a must! Create a playlist consistent to your theme to set the mood. Consider purchasing floating LED lights to really set the mood, be it a relaxing hot tub (floating rose LED lights) or a fun rave (underwater multi-color disco balls).  Set up small, but meaningful decorations around the hot tub and food areas to spice up the party.  Start heating the hot tub early in the day (no one appreciates a cold hot tub) and keep the cover on until the last minute to keep the hot tub nice and toasty.

Anticipate the “I forgot”

The most commonly forgotten items for a pool party are towels, flip flops, and (believe it or not) swimming suits – so be sure to have extras on hand.  Sometimes guests pretend to forget their swimming suits in order to avoid getting in the water, however with some kind encouragement and extra suits and t-shirts on hand, even the most reluctant guests join in on the fun.  

Plan Other Activities

Unforeseen events happen, so make sure to have other activities in case something does come up. Guests may tire of soaking after a while as well, so set up card games, board games, and possibly a movie to enjoy while waiting for a turn in the hot tub or to wind down at the end of the night.

Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun.  Don’t over-think your party too much, as you might miss out on the unexpected moments. Once everything is prepared, join your guests in the hot tub for an evening of fun!


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