Pool Games to Play With Your Kids

Playing in the pool is the highlight of every summer.  However, as the summer continues on, they might start to get bored of running around in the pool with nothing to do.  Below are six games to help entertain your kids all summer long!

Marco Polo

Nearly everyone has played Marco Polo at one point in time in their life.  One person is it, and they close their eyes to find the other players.  They yell “Marco” and the other players yell “Polo” in response.  If they catch someone, they become the new person who is “it.”

Mermaid Races

A mermaid race is simply a contest to see who can swim under the water the furthest, but if you give it a fun name, your kids will want to play it over and over again.  Line up all players against one wall, and then when you yell “Go” they all dip under the water and swim as far as they can.  

Treasure Hunt

A creative way to give your kids their allowance is to throw it in the pool in coins, and have them dive in to retrieve them.  Or you can just throw coins in the water for fun, and not in connection to their allowance.  

Sharks and Minnows

This game is played by choosing one person to be “the shark” and then lining up everyone on one side of the pool, these are the “minnows”.  When the shark says “I’m getting hungry!” Everyone has to swim to the other side of the pool as fast as they can without getting tagged.  If they get tagged, they become a shark as well.  Repeat until everyone becomes a shark.  The last person to get tagged is the new shark, and everyone else once again becomes minnows.  

Beach Ball Hot Potato

This game is just like hot potato, but with a beach ball.  Stand on the side of the pool with a music player, and have your kids pass a ball to each other.  After a few moments, pause the music. The last one who touched the beach ball is out.  Play until there is one child left.  You can also play a game of “Musical Beach Ball” (Like

Lava Ball

Have your kids stand in a circle holding hands.  Place a beach ball in the middle.  Have your kids pretend that it is made of lava, and if they touch it, they are out.  They can blow the ball away from themselves, or try to pull other players closer.  They cannot break hands either.  


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