5 Fun Activities for a Pool Opening Party

As pools are opening, people are starting to fire up their grills, spend more time outdoors, and dream about the summer months ahead. If you’ve recently opened your pool for the swimming season, there is no better time than the present to have some major celebration. A great season kick-off party is well-rounded when it includes an open pool, great food, and upbeat music, but you could also consider planning out fun pool-based activities to get people gathered around the swimming pool. Here are 5 fun pool activities to try at your next pool party so that your swimming pool takes a starring role.

A Sports Match

Popular sports for pool play include volleyball, water polo, and basketball. Try organizing party guests into two teams and having them face it off in an ultra competitive sports match. You could even offer a special prize to members of the winning team.

Hula Hoop Obstacle Course

Hula hoops are cheap and make for an excellent pool accessory with this fun game. To create a hula hoop obstacle members, have some party guests hold hula hoops in the water at various locations in the pool. Then, have the more competitive party guests try to swim through all of the hoops as fast as they can (taking breaths as needed, of course.) This could be treated as a sort of race where the swimmer who gets the fastest time wins.

Dive for Glowsticks

Glowsticks make for a fun pool addition at night because they are reminiscent of summer, and they create awe-inspiring color patterns in moving water. Try dropping several glowsticks into the pool and having guests swim around trying to grab as many as they can. A prize goes to the person who collects the most!

Steal the Bacon

This game involves splitting party guests into two teams and numbering off the members of each team. Each team will sit at opposite ends of the pool, and a non-player will toss a pool-safe ball (such as a foam ball or small beach ball) into the middle of the pool. Then the non-player will call out two numbers, calling one member from each team into play. Each team member must try to get to the ball the fastest and then bring the ball back to his or her team’s respective side—all without getting caught by the other team’s player.

Noodle Joust

This activity is best suited for adults because it involves rougher play and requires a mind for safety during play. In noodle joust, two players each position themselves on a raft in the middle of the pool and must knock the other player down into the water by “jousting” with a pool noodle as the weapon.

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