9 Must-Have Features for Your Dream Pool

Planning your dream pool?  Check out these 9 unique features that you wouldn’t want to forget to include!


Infinity Pool

Whether you have an amazing view or just want to add a fun feature, an infinity pool overhang is perfect for you.  The illusion that your pool flawlessly drops into the surrounding area makes it look much larger than it actually is.  Consider adding a rock waterfall to the other side of the infinity pool to make it more luxurious.

Half indoor/half outdoor

If you have the space, put half of the pool indoors.  Not only will this create a shaded area for the hotter months, but protect swimmers from the occasional rainstorm.  You can even add a roll up bay door to close off the outdoor portion of the pool in the winter months.  



Spice up your half indoor/half outdoor pool by decorating the inside half to look like an underwater grotto.  Add stalactites to the ceiling as well as natural-looking rock formations around the outer edge.  Optionally, you could hide the entrance through a waterfall.

Relaxing in a pool chair


Lounge Chairs Built into the Pool

Relaxing in the pool is always more enjoyable than relaxing next to the pool.  Permanently fix a few lounge chairs to the bottom of the pool.  Never again spend hours blowing up an inflatable lounge chair only to find that there is a hole somewhere.  Relaxation is streamlined and comfortable.


Floating Ping Pong Set

A floating ping pong set is exactly what you need to keep you entertained during hot summer months.  It adds an extra level of expertise to the game as the table moves nearly as much as the ball.  Grab your friends and neighbors and have a ping pong tournament.


Slide Into the Pool From the House

Ever thought it is just too much work to walk from your house to the pool in the backyard?  With a built-in slide from your deck to the pool, you can slip into the pool in about as much time as it takes you to slip into your suit.  If your home doesn’t have a deck, place the slide on the edge of the pool instead.


Ceiling Murals

If your pool is indoors, there are lots of things you can do to personalize the ceiling.  For a night time look, create constellations with fairy lights.  To create the illusion of swimming outside on a summer afternoon, paint the ceiling bright blue with the occasional cloud.  If you love nature, paint a mountain scene on the walls and ceiling. Be creative! Anything is possible.



Climbing Wall

For the adventurous, add a climbing wall to the side of your pool.  Practice your bouldering in the comfort of your backyard.  If you’re daring, try doing a backflip off the top.  Make sure to make it large enough to allow two people to race up simultaneously.


Lazy River

Whether your entire pool is equipped with jets to gently push you along, or if you just have a ring around the outside, everyone will enjoy jumping into the lazy river after a long day at the office.  


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