9 Ways to Amp Up Your In-Ground Swimming Pool

A swimming pool in the backyard is a wonderful piece of luxury to have on your property, but what about giving it an added kick of luxury with one of many unique accents available for pools today? Here are just a few ideas on how you can customize your in-ground swimming pool so that it suits your home, personality, and lifestyle.


Steps are a beautiful addition to any pool and offer a welcome change to standard pool ladders. They also offer an opportunity to give your pool shallower wading areas—great for young children or even dogs.


Pool waterfalls are easy to install, and with the sound of flowing water they create, they can lend a natural element to swimming pools.

Natural Rock Accents

This is another great way to add a natural element to your swimming pool, and many custom pools even combine the waterfall and natural rock elements by running the waterfall through a stunning rock formation.

Diving Board

Perhaps the most well-known of pool accents, a diving board will add an element of fun and adventure to your swimming pool.


A slide can be another fun poolside addition, especially for young kids.


Fountains can shoot pool water up and back down into the edges of a swimming pool, and they can also shoot across the width of a pool. They can even be installed to shoot water up out of the very center of the pool.

Fancy Tile Work

Consider dressing up your pool with fancy tiling, be it the tiles themselves that are decorative, or the tiles coming together to form a unique design along the pool floor. Tiles could even be applied to the vertical surfaces of swimming pool steps for an unexpected touch.

Colored Lights

Want to add an extra element of fun to your next pool party? Colored lights—even color changing lights—placed around the exterior of the pool pair perfectly with dance music pumping through nearby speakers.

Inset Spa

Many modern pool designs make room for a circular warm spa, set right within the perimeter of the pool—perfect for hopping into warm, bubbly waters for some relaxation after a long swim.

We at Aquatech build new pools and renovate old ones. If you have a custom pool in mind, or want to amp up your existing pool before the warm weather hits, give us a call today. We treat every project like it’s our only project so that you can have a personalized experience and end up with the custom pool of your dreams.

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