Backyard Pool Ideas

It is now time to start planning your background pool!  There are hundreds, if not thousands of options to choose from for your personal backyard pool.  Below are six popular pool types that you can install in your backyard this spring!

Traditional Rectangle

If you like to use your pool for exercise, the traditional rectangle is for you.  It gives your backyard a classy, yet organized look.  A traditional rectangle pool is also ideal if you are thinking about teaching swimming lessons in your pool.  It also is very easy to install compared to other pool types.  

Garden Pond

You can always set up your pool to look like a cute garden pond.  Instead of having a pool deck, have a thin ring of cement shaped like rocks around the outside of your pool, and have your grass and planters come right up to the edge of your pool.  This way, your pool doesn’t feel like a pool, rather a natural spa.  

Infinity Pool

An infinity pool is a pool with a waterfall edge on one of its sides.  This pool type is perfect if you have a beautiful view.  It also makes your pool look larger and more modern.  If you are installing a hot tub/pool combo, you can have an infinity hot tub spill into your pool.  

Irregular Pool/Freeform Pool

If you’re more of a go-with-the-flow kind of person, install an irregular pool, or a freeform pool in your backyard.  You can create twists and turns to create a unique and fun pool experience.  This type of pool has become quite popular over the past few years.  A freeform pool allows you to incorporate landscaping elements into your pool design, such as trees and planters.

Hot Tub/Pool Combo

Instead of having a separate pool and hot tub, find a way to incorporate the two into one.   There are many different ways to create a hot tub pool combo. You can separate the two completely and put them in different areas of your yard, put your hot tub higher than your pool, or separate the two by a thin wall.  It’s up to you to design your custom pool.  

Water Slide Pool

Install a water slide alongside your pool for added fun.  You can either affix one to the side of your pool as part of the landscaping, or you can purchase a smaller one that you can install alongside your pool.  You can also install a basketball hoop, volleyball net, or purchase other sports equipment like a floating ping pong table.  


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