Benefits of Owning a Private Pool

Many people would be tickled to have a private pool in their backyard.  Private pools are a delight in so many ways!  If you are debating whether or not you should install a pool in your backyard, read on for the top 5 reasons that you should own a backyard pool.  


When you go to a public pool, you have no control.  Hundreds of people are hopping in and out of the pool every day, bringing who knows what bacteria with them.  Children climb in and wet themselves, regardless of the rule “Don’t pee in the pool!”  You don’t get to decide who is in the pool when, and you definitely don’t get to control the pool’s maintenance. With a private pool, you have infinitely more control.  You maintain the pool, so you know exactly how clean it is.  You also allow or disallow people to enter your pool, and you can require swimmers to shower before they hop on in.  It’s your pool, therefore, your rules.  

It’s Private

Of course your backyard pool will be private.  You won’t be splashed by someone’s kid as you are trying to relax on your inflatable mattress, and you won’t have to worry about people judging your figure.  You get to control who is in the pool with you, and if you’d like to be alone, you can relax in silence (of course, for safety reasons, you should always bring a swimming buddy).

Social Time

Relaxing (or playing) in the pool is something that all ages enjoy.  You will ultimately have more time with your family and friends with a pool in your backyard.  Since it is barely a hassle to get your kids ready for your own pool, it takes minimal prep time to have a fun evening with the entire family.  It also makes you a social hot spot, and you will have an easy excuse to invite your friends over to your home.

Keep Your Children Home

As your children grow up, it seems that they want to spend more and more time away from home.  Having a pool turns your home into the “party house,” so to speak.  Your children will invite their friends over to your house instead of going to their friends’ houses.  That way, you can keep a closer eye on your kids, meet their friends, and make sure that they are safe (it is hard to trust anyone these days).  

It’s Right There

The biggest benefit of having a private pool is that it is right there!  You can change into your swimsuit and dive in the pool in less than ten minutes.  If you don’t feel like getting completely soaked, you can roll up your pants and relax with your feet in the water without feeling like you are wasting anyone’s time at the public pool.  


5 responses to “Benefits of Owning a Private Pool

  1. I liked what you said about how you won’t have to worry about other people and the actions of them or their kids when you have a private pool. My brother loves to swim but doesn’t like attending any of the local public pools because they often have rowdy guests. I will be sure to recommend he look into pool contractors near him to design his own pool that is free from unwanted guests.

  2. How great that you talk about how owning your own pool makes it so you can decide who to invite in. My husband and I want to build a swimming pool next year. We will find a great swimming pool maintenance service as well.

  3. How great that you mention that having your own pool makes it private. I am building a new home this year and want a swimming pool. I will also find a reputable swimming pool maintenance equipment service locally to help.

  4. It’s interesting that you mention that having your own private swimming pool in your yard is a great way to get your kids to spend more time at home. I feel like my kids are safer at my house than when they go places with their friends, so I’m thinking about hiring a professional to install a swimming pool in our backyard this month. I’m going to search for a reputable business in my area that can install a swimming pool for me.

  5. You made a good point when you talked about how a private pool is something that all ages can enjoy. I would think that it would be a good idea to make sure that no one uses your pool unattended. You would want to make sure that at least two people are using the pool at all times.

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