Install your Pool Now and Enjoy it this Summer

The first signs of spring are all around us, and if you’re like many of us, you couldn’t be happier.  You may be planning your flower and vegetable gardens, mapping out a few road trips and getting excited about the fun you’ll have as a family this summer.  Maybe your visions include family time by the pool.  Summer is the perfect time for the kids to play in the backyard pool all day or for you to take a late night dip after a long day.  If you don’t currently have a backyard pool and have decided this is the year you’re going to install one, you may be wondering when is the best time to get one.  Typically, February or March is a great time to install a pool, so the answer is do it now!

It may feel like you still have plenty of time, because, even though you are dreaming of summer, we still have to get through spring break, end-of-year activities, and finals.  There is still frost on the ground most mornings.  You may be tempted to wait just a little longer before setting the plans for your pool in motion.  So why should you get started right away?

  • Contractors will be busier in the summer months and they may be too busy to get your project done right away, or their summer rates may be higher.  During the off season, you may be able to get better deals on labor and equipment.

  • Choosing a pool and backyard design is a process.  Working with a professional can help.  You’ll feel better about the finished product when you have taken time to work on the plans, without feeling rushed.

  • Once the design is completed, workers can begin excavation as early as mid March, depending on how wet the ground is.  Getting your pool completed early in the season also allows you to get the landscaping around the pool all completed before summer comes.

  • As with other construction projects, there is always the potential for delays or other scheduling conflicts. Getting started earlier, while contractors’ schedules are a bit clearer, can help minimize delays.

  • You won’t need to schedule contractors around your summer vacation plans.

  • Installing that pool now will ensure that everything is in working order and ready for when the summer heat sinks in.  The earlier you begin to plan, the earlier you can begin to use your pool when it is all completed.

  • Your inaugural pool party can be a kickoff to summer, not a farewell to it.

Don’t waste half of your summer or more planning and waiting for your pool to be installed.  Do your research, meet with professionals and get the ball rolling right away.  When you take that first dip in your brand-new pool this summer, you’ll be glad you did.

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