Pool-Themed Desserts for Your Next Pool Party

Planning on hosting a stellar pool party before the summer draws to a close? Here are some great pool-themed dessert ideas that will perfectly suit your pool party.

Frosted blue cupcakes with swimming bears

Try making your favorite flavor of cupcake and then topping it with a smooth coating of blue-dyed frosting. Then, use some small gummy rings for “pool floats” and place a small graham cracker bear in the middle of the rings for your “swimmers.” You might even consider applying some cookie decorating frosting to your bears so that it looks like they are wearing swimsuits.

Piña colada cupcakes

Alternatively, you might try creating a cupcake that mimics the popular poolside drink piña colada by incorporating pineapple and coconut as flavors. You could perhaps make a pineapple cake base and then top with coconut frosting, garnished with coconut flakes, a cherry, and a small piece of pineapple. Or, you could add a decorative drink umbrella or part of a paper straw as a cupcake topper.

Decorated cookies

One easy go-to is to make sugar cookies of various shapes to resemble various things that are reminiscent of summer—a beach ball, sunglasses, a swimsuit, and a sun, for example. Beach balls might be more frequently seen at the beach, but they are popular among swimmers at the pool as well. Consider making circle sugar cookies and then decorating them with brightly colored cookie frosting for cookies that resemble beach balls. If you happen to have a sunglasses or swimsuit shaped cookie cutter, you can make sugar cookies that resemble sunglasses or swimsuits as well. A sun-shaped cookie can easily be made to resemble a brightly colored sun with just a little yellow or orange frosting. Your guests will have tons of fun posing for pictures with your decorative cookies!

Beach ball fruit platter

Or, if you’re going for something more healthy, consider laying out a circular plate of colorful fruits, arranging them in such a way that they resemble a multi-colored beach ball.

Swimming pool cake

Why not make a rectangular cake that resembles a swimming pool? Top your cake with blue frosting and then use small, round, colorful hard candies lined up to be swimming lane dividers. You might use pretzel pieces to be the “arms” and “legs” of swimmers, and a small, round chocolate candy as the “heads” of your swimmers.

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