Swim into March Madness this Winter

Intermountain Aquatech’s argument for indoor pools

Having fun in the winter shouldn’t be limited to snow-filled activities. This winter, bust out the swimsuit and hold a March Madness pool party. Not only does swimming provide a great workout for your entire body but it also reduces the ‘winter blues’ by reducing mental stress according to WebMD.

March Madness Pool Party

Swimming can be a great indoor activity for all of your March Madness parties. Indoor pools are a unique environment where family and friends can connect across generations. From toddlers to the elderly, the buoyancy of pool water avoids high impacts to growing and aching joints. So, while those college athletes are shooting hoops and slamming dunks, you can join in on the fun without any of the injuries.

Indoor Pool Hygiene

We know what you’re thinking… what about that indoor pool smell? One of the potential reasons people are drawn away from indoor pools is the strong odor many associate with them. While many wrongfully believe that the odor stems from too much chlorine, the Water Quality & Health Council addresses the issue on their blog. They write, “The irritating chemical odor around some pools is not due to chlorine, but to certain substances formed when chlorine disinfectant combines with nitrogen-containing contaminants brought into the pool by swimmers.”

If your indoor pool or the facility you swim at seems to have a strong odor, talk to the pool manager about the room’s airflow. Also, it’s important to consider your own swimming hygiene. Our guide to swimmer hygiene includes:

  • Showering before and after entering the pool
  • Taking bathroom breaks
  • Regularly checking pool chemicals
  • No swimming if you are sick or have any symptoms related to diarrhea or swimmer’s ear

Get in on the March Madness this Winter by swimming indoors with Intermountain Aquatech. For more than 60 years, we’ve provided Utahans with indoor pools and spas. Visit our site and find out what all the indoor pool hype is about.

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