#TBT Summer Pool Adventures

In the middle of January, it seems like the summer will never come back.  The cold weather and endless snow seems to kill all hopes of the warmth and joy of the summer months.  While it may seem bleak and depressing, think back, and remember last summer and how wonderful it was.  Campfires, barbecues, picnics, hiking excursions, and a sun that never seems to set.

During January, many people plan their home improvement projects that they will take on during the year.  Among them, are the exciting landscaping projects that they will tackle.  Is adding a pool to your backyard on your list of things to change about your home?  If not, it should be.  Read on for 5 reasons why you should start thinking about putting a pool in your home this year.  

It’s Convenient

Sure, you can drive to the community pool a few miles away and pay to relax by the poolside as your kids play in the water, or you can relax in the comforts of your own home.  If you want to take a plunge, you only have to throw on your suit and open your back door, rather than throw on your suit, grab a cover up, make sure you have your keys, wallet, phone, etc. and then get in the car and drive 20 minutes, find parking, walk to the pool, pay to enter, and then relax.  

It’s Fun

Pool parties are the best kind of parties, and with a pool in your backyard, you can be the new host of the most epic get togethers.  You can slip into the pool for exercise, pleasure or family bonding time.  There is a reason why people think of playing in a pool when they think of summer.

A Pool Adds Home Value

A backyard pool can increase your home’s value up to 15 percent!  The value increase is dependant on the type of pool you install, additional features, and the material that the pool is made of.

You’ll Have Grass to Cut

While this reason may seem a little silly, installing a swimming pool in your backyard will cut down on the time you spend mowing your lawn.  You then can spend more time by the side of the pool instead of pushing a lawnmower.  

A Pool Offers Easy  and Effective Exercise

Swimming is a great way to exercise.  It is a great full body workout without the danger of injury.  It is not only great for you as an adult, but for your kids.  All of you  will quickly burn off extra winter calories splashing around in the pool that you will install in your backyard.  


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