Why You Should Open Your Swimming Pool Early

Many pool professionals will recommend opening your pool when daily temperatures consistently climb into the 70s during the day. This may seem early for some—especially if this weather is already hitting you in the month of April—but the truth is that there are many benefits to opening your pool sooner rather than later. Here are a few reasons why opening your pool on the earlier side is a smart idea.

Prevent Algae Growth

Did you know that algae feeds off of warmth and sunlight and can grow extremely quickly in your pool while you decide whether or not to open it? If you choose to wait a few weeks to open your pool and have a mesh cover that allows sunlight to get through, chances are that your will be seeing a lot more algae when the time finally comes to open it. To avoid the pain and frustration that comes along with algae growth in the swimming pool, consider opening it early. It will greatly simplify your pool opening process and allow you to start enjoying your pool as soon as possible.

Heating Options

Early spring can see some especially warm days, but if you’re still afraid that the water will be too cold for your enjoyment, keep in mind that there are a variety of options for helping you enjoy cooler pool waters. In addition to starting up your pool heating system (or investing in one), you can also try wearing a warmer wetsuit or rashguard as well as keeping your body active to generate body heat. Check out our blog post about staying warm in the swimming pool for more in-depth tips about staying warm in cold pool water.

Take Advantage of Early Season Shopping

Opening your pool early could help you save money in terms of pool maintenance supplies and pool accessories depending on what deals are available near you. You may very well find “early bird specials” that you can take advantage of by stocking up on supplies that will last you through the summer. Moreover, opening your pool early will help you to avoid heavy peak season shopping traffic.

Backyard Aesthetic

After months of cold weather and hibernation for your pool, you may have forgotten the beauty that a filled, open pool adds to the backyard. Opening your pool early will allow you to enjoy once again the calming and natural feel that your pool brings to your backyard space.

If you’re considering opening your pool soon, don’t hesitate to contact Aquatech today. We service every type of pool, spa, and hot tub and can help make your pool’s opening run as seamlessly as possible.

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