Common Pool Cover Problems

The winter months are harsh on your swimming pool — especially if you have a cheap pool cover.  If your pool cover has problems, they need to be fixed immediately, or else they can lead to many other problems in the future, particularly when it is time to reopen your pool in the spring.  Below are the most common pool cover problems, and how to fix them.  

Pool Cover is Full of Snow or Water

Water and snow will weigh down the cover causing it to sag or rip.  Do not try to remove snow or ice with shovels or ice picks, as you can damage the cover.  Wait until it starts to melt, and then pump it off with a water pump.  Excess water can attract worms, that in turn attracts birds, who can peck right through your cover.

Pool Cover is Saturated with Leaves or Other Debris

Similar problems can occur when you allow leaves and other debris on your pool cover.  It can begin to sag or tear.  Remove debris promptly.  Use a pool leaf rake (not the plastic ones for the grass) to remove the leaves and other debris.  You can also purchase a leaf net and put it on before the leaves start to fall and take it off before it begins to snow.  

Cover Slips Into the Pool

Sometimes, due to heavy snowfall or not properly securing the cover, the cover will start to sag or slip into the pool.  This can cause water, algae, or other debris to seep into the pool or create a dangerous situation where children or pets could fall into the pool.  If your pool cover begins to slip into your pool, first remove any debris or water that is weighing it down.  Tighten the straps that hold it taut.  If that is ineffective, bend down, and pull the cover as tight as you can and secure it.  Do not try to secure it with bricks or other heavy objects, as they can slip into the pool and cause more damage.  Use water tubes made for securing pool covers.  

Pool Cover is Ripped, Torn, or Patched

Tree branches, animals, and debris can cause your pool cover to tear.  Purchase a pool cover patch kit to cover the small patches.  If the tear is too big for a patch kit, it probably is time to buy a new pool cover.  

Check on your pool cover all winter long to ensure that there are no problems.  It will be easier to fix a small problem like a little tear than a massive rip.

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