Keep Your Pool Open This Winter

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean that you have to shut down your pool!  Why own a swimming pool if you can only use it for ⅓ of the year (if you’re lucky)?  If you properly take care of your pool, you can keep it open through the snowy winter months and take a plunge even in January.  Read below for a few things that you need to know if you’d like to keep your pool despite the snow on the ground.  

Make Sure You Have the Right Heater

You will need a good heater in order to keep the pool temperature between 70-80℉.  Some heaters will shut down if the outside temperature drops below 55℉, while others won’t shut down until it drops below 20℉. Condensation will collect around the evaporator coil and will start to freeze, causing damage to the machine. Heaters shut down in order to protect the mechanics from breaking as this happens.  Talk to your Swimming Pool Professional to ensure that your heater will last the winter months.  

Invest in a Good Cover

A good pool cover can reduce heat loss by nearly 50%.  A pool can lose 5℉ of heat overnight in warm months, and even more during the winter, if it is not covered.  Keeping your pool covered will save you money and effort, and your pool will stay warmer for the times you decide to take a dip.  Do be aware that your cover might freeze to the ground, making it impossible to use your pool for a few days.  

Be Aware of the Costs

Heating your pool through the winter will require a lot of additional energy.  That will add up quickly on your energy bill.  The cost to heat your pool is proportionate to the size of your pool, and it will cost a few hundred dollars.  There is also the cost of buying an effective heater.  Also, if you ever experience a power outage, or if it gets too cold, and your heater no longer works, the plumbing and filter system may freeze and your pool can experience a lot of damage.  If that happens, you should winterize your pool immediately, and drain the pumps and filters to prevent damage.  You may need to build a separate insulated shed for your filter and pumps to keep them warm during the winter months and keep them from freezing.  


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