With a depth of five feet, the Alpha is the deepest pool offered by Splash. Our Alpha pools feature the same craftsmanship and quality found in the SuperPool, but satisfies the needs of our customers who long for a deeper pool.


Splash also offers a complete line of high quality accessories, including pumps, filters, chlorinators, pool covers, lights, and so much more to compliment your Alphas Pool. Visit our accessory section or contact your local Splash dealer for more information.

Filtration Systems

PLM-150 SuperPak Modular Media System
• Sta-Rite 150 square foot modular media cartridge filter
• Sta-Rite 1.0 HP high-flow performance pump
• Large capacity trap and an all-weather, smooth-running motor
• Modular media cartridge filter provides dirt-loading capabilities up to 15 times greater than sand filters of equivalent size
• Posi-Lok™ locking ring provides safe, fast access for maintenance of filter
• 10-year limited tank warranty


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