Finding The Perfect Swimsuit

Finding the perfect swimsuit can seem like finding a needle in a haystack!  There are many options, but it seems like the right swimsuit for you is hiding in the racks of the department store, where you will never find it.  Don’t be discouraged,, it is possible to find the perfect swimsuit it just might take a little work.  Read on for tips and tricks to help you in the search.  

Decide What is Most Important

What do you want to accomplish with your suit?  Are you looking to show off your curves,  downplay your love handles, embrace your newly found bikini body, or are you looking for something cute yet functional so that you can ride water slides without the risk of losing your top?  Decide what you would like in a suit and then start searching!  Ruched suits and solid, dark colors are good for downplaying features, while bright colors and ruffles are often used as a highlight.  

Invest In Quality

While it doesn’t sound fun to drop $80 (or more!) on a suit, it will be worth it in the long run.  A higher quality suit will last longer than a cheap suit, and you won’t need to worry about it fading or stretching as much.  Also make sure that you take care of the suits that you do own, so that you don’t need to replace them every season.  Always hand wash your bathing suits, and hang them to dry in the shade, as direct sunlight will cause them to fade.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Windowshop

Finding the perfect suit is going to take time.  Don’t be afraid to try on multiple suits at multiple places until you find the right one.  Bring a couple of girlfriends and look for suits together.  Some good stores to visit are: Target, Kohl’s, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, and Aerie.  

Try Online

While it is far better to try on a suit in person to make sure that you get the right size and fit, you can always turn to the internet to find your perfect suit.  There are many companies that specialize in swimsuits, and many more that have them in their lineup.  Try to find a place that offers free returns.  If you like to try suits on in person, you can always visit a store, determine your size, and then check out their other options online.  

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