Hot Tub Inventions

While most people prefer the traditional hot tub, others like to branch out with new and exciting inventions.  Over the years, people have come up with some clever ideas on how to personalize their hot tub experience.  We have compiled some of the most noteworthy hot tub inventions below.  

Hammock Hot Tub

A new type of hot tub is on the market, the Hydro Hammock Hot tub.  It is a hot tub that you can set up in the woods.  You can carry the special hammock and water lines on your back, and the portable heating system rolls like a suitcase.  Once you are at the desired location, you set up the hammock, fill it with water, and then set the portable heating system to make it heat.  As they advertise on their site, it’s a “Hammock and a bath in one.”

Hot Tub Boat

The hot tub boat is a boat that’s deck is a hot tub.  Depending on the model, you steer the boat with a little joystick on the side of the hot tub, and glide at 5 mph on calm water.  It is not recommended that you take the hot tub boat out on turbulent water.  Many of them have ice chests, music systems, and are battery-powered.

Foot Bath

While this isn’t a hot tub specific invention, you can get a foot bath to stick outside of your hot tub to clean off dirty feet before climbing in.  It helps keep your spa clear of dirt and other debris.

Inflatable Hot Tub

Another trend in hot tubbing is the inflatable hot tub.  These portable hot tubs are nice because they are not permanently in your backyard.  You can blow it up before a party, and then pack it away for the next event.  However, these hot tubs are not very durable, and are simply made of fabric and aluminum foil.  

Hot Tub Net

You can purchase a fancy little net to sling over your hot tub to relax in the spa without fully submerging your body.  The net acts as a hammock, holding your body up above the water.  You can relax without becoming overheated.  However, most hot tub nets are built for one user at a time.

Winter Sauna Cover

There is a new invention that is a jacket for both your hot tub and you.  You stretch the hot tub cover over your hot tub, and then climb in.  There are holes for your head and for your hands, so you can enjoy the extra heat that is trapped by the cover.  Or, you can read a book without fear of getting your book wet.  Post image from Hot Tub Ireland.


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