5 Things You Should Never Do In Your Pool

The warm summer months are on their way and it is time once again to open your pool for the season. Did you know that there are some things that you should never do in your pool?  Some are unsanitary, and some are just unsafe.  Read on for the top 6 things you should never do in your pool.

Pee in the Pool

Of course we have to mention this one, as everyone does it, whether they admit to it or not.  Not only is peeing in the pool disgusting, but mixing chlorine and uric acid (a compound found in urine) can produce trichloramine and cyanogen chloride, toxic compounds that can cause respiratory problems, as well as burning of the skin or eyes.

Enter Without Showering

While it seems that no one actually showers before they swim, you probably should.  Your body is covered in dead skin cells, oil, loose hair, lotions, hair products, and other compounds.  Rinsing off before you jump into the pool gets rid of some of those things.  However, when you jump into your pool, all of that comes off into the water, forcing your chemicals to work overtime.  Check out our earlier post for more information.

Bring Glassware into the Pool Area

Bringing glassware into the pool area seems harmless, but if you drop your cup and it shatters, you then have broken glass on your pool deck.  Most people run around barefoot around the pool, so use plastic cups instead.

Take Food Into the Pool

This is another habit that seems harmless on the outside.  What’s wrong with bringing a hot dog or chips into your pool?  Well, if you drop it into the water, you contaminate your pool.  If you are chewing gum and it falls out, it can clog the filter.  Also, if you drop crumbs on the side of the pool, you invite pets and insects into your pool area.  If you want to keep your pool clean, don’t bring food.  And if you have ducks or other birds enter your pool area, do not feed them as it will encourage them to stay.  

Leave Children Unattended

It takes as little as two minutes to drown.  Never trust your child’s life to another child, floatation devices, or assume someone else is watching your kids.  Instead, get in the pool with them, or at least sunbathe on the side.  If your child is tired, don’t let them get in the water as they could drown.  

Swim Alone

It is not safe to swim alone, even if you are a good swimmer.  You may accidentally bump your head, get your hair trapped in a vent, or even pass out due to exhaustion.  Always bring a buddy.

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