Accessorizing Your Pool

Pool AccessoriesA pool brings a fun and festive vibe to any backyard. No matter its shape or size, your pool is a place that can bring your family together for some fun, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by adding accessories. The best way to accessorize your pool is to focus on the sort of activities your family likes. Some possibilities include:


Whether you are lounging by the pool or holding a poolside party, music is a great way to make your pool a hot spot all summer long. There are many ways you can make your music accessible at your pool deck. One way is to install outside speakers on your house or patio. Speakers can be set up to either run off of your inside sound system or through an outside system. Another, probably simpler way, is to add some floating radios or floating iPod speakers, which can go directly into the water with you.


There are a wide variety of pool games, including basketball nets, volleyball nets, golf sets, and even floating blackjack tables. Keep some balls and nets around for fun and they’ll never get old.


Outside of your standard pool side chairs, tables, and loungers, there are a wide variety of chairs, rafts, and loungers that you can put directly into your pool. Consider ones that dip into the water so that you stay cool or that have places to put your drinks. Other things to consider adding are spa pillows (to keep your neck and head comfortable when relaxing in the spa) and rolling carts that can hold any food or drinks.


One way to make your pool festive at all times of the day is to add pool lights. Lights come in all sorts of varieties. Some are installed directly into your pool, or you can buy colored covers to go over the actual pool light, and floating lights that can go on your water surface. Different styles and colors can help you control the mood that the lights create on your pool deck.

These are just a few ideas of the ways that you can accessorize your pool. Let your imagination be your guide as you create a pool deck that is fun, friendly, and fitting for all of your wants and needs.

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