Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

Clean PoolDuring the summer months, the swimming pool can be a well-loved oasis. But with all the traffic the pool gets, it’s important to keep it clean. Pools that are not regularly cleaned can become infested with germs and debris.

If you have an automatic pool cleaner, you are already on the right track. An automatic pool cleaner will take care of the basic levels of sanitation. However, an automatic pool cleaner can not reach all areas of your pool, so it is important the you set aside time to regularly tackle some of the more detailed cleaning jobs.

When cleaning your pool, the first step is to have the proper supplies. This includes a pool skimmer, a tile brush (or pumice stone), a wall brush, a floor brush, vacuum head and hose or your automatic pool cleaner, and a telescopic pole. You also want to have all the chemicals you need to keep your chlorine and pH at their proper levels.

To keep your pool sparkling, it is recommended that you clean your pool on a weekly basis. The first thing to do is to skim the surface of your pool. While skimming, you want to remove all leaves and other floating debris. If you give debris the chance to settle on the bottom of the pool, they are harder to remove and can actually stain the surface.

Once your surface is clear, you want to tackle the tiles at the top of your pool. The water can leave behind a nasty water line, which you can remove with a tile brush or pumice stone. Just make sure that you keep it wet so you don’t scratch the tile.

At this point you are ready to empty all your filters and baskets. Have a garbage bag nearby to pour all the accumulated debris. It’s important to keep your filters and baskets clean so that they don’t become clogged.

The last step is to tackle the bottom of your pool. You can do this with a manual brush, a manual vacuum, or with your automatic pool cleaner. Make sure you push the brush or vacuum into the corners and on the stairs. Move all the dirt towards the drain so that it can be removed from the pool’s system.

Once the pool is clean, you want to check your chlorine and pH levels. These chemicals are an important step in keeping your pool clean from all of the sweat, germs, and sunscreen that are introduced into your water.

By following these steps on a weekly basis, your pool will sparkle all summer long.

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