Every Free App a Swimming Pool Owner Needs


Are you dreaming of a day when you can control your pool from the comfort of your couch? Well, imagine no more—the latest pool apps put pool management tools at your fingertips. Whether you need a digital hub that stores all of your chemistry calculations or want to control the temperature of your pool while you are visiting another state, these free apps have everything you need to bring your swimming pool into the current century.

Here is a list of every app you need before next pool season.

Remote Control Apps

Pentair ScreenLogic

Imagine having everything needed to manage your pool at the palm of your hand (or should we say wrist?). Well now all Apple-obsessed users can rejoice—the Pentair ScreenLogic Connect puts that control directly where you need it most. In fact, we think it takes the cake when it comes to remote swimming pool management. This cutting-edge technology is the only pool app that is compatible with the Apple Watch making it easier than ever to upload your pool information and control the entire system.

But just like most pool management apps, you will need other requirements than solely this free smartphone application. You will need the Pentair IntelliTouch Controller, EasyTouch, or EasyTouch PL4 & PSL4 to integrate the app with your swimming pool system properly.

Learn more about Pentair ScreenLogic.


Zodiac iAquaLink

One of the most advanced pool management devices available, the Zodiac iAquaLink will transform the way you care for your swimming pool. This remote pool app allows wireless control of your automation system. The only catch is that you must install the Zodiac iAquaLink system to your pool to use this free app or the Jandy web-connect device iQPUMP01 connected to a Jandy variable speed-pump.

Once installed on your pool and your phone, this mobile app takes care of all your pool management needs. Plus, you don’t have to be right next to your pool to switch things up. You can simply work the lights, water pumps, and temperature settings all through the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Learn more about iAquaLink.


Chemistry Care Apps

Pool Pal

A good pool owner knows that getting the chemicals right is essential to a good swim season. If you are like the rest of us though, it can be hard to keep track of all of the numbers. Not any more thanks to chemistry apps like Pool Pal. Pool Pal simplifies chemistry with an in-app calculator system for multiple types of pools including chlorine-based and saltwater systems.

Another perk is that it also supports multiple pools so that you can have every system working in tip-top shape all season long.

Learn more about Pool Pal.


Pool Care

If you want to take things a step further, Pool Care includes other tools for a full-scale chemistry care app professional. Not only is their chemical calculators but it also sends reminders for your regularly scheduled pools tests, filter cleanings, backwashes, and more. You can also set multiple profiles so that you know the needs of every pool you maintain.

While Pool Care is a free app, you must deal with ads unless you pay for their removal.

Learn more about Pool Care.


Pool Doctor

For the ultimate chemical balancing app, check out Pool Doctor. This pool app is popular among residential pool owners and commercial ones as well. In our opinion, it is one of the best chemistry apps on the market and comes at a whopping cost of $0.00.

Using the free app, you just input your chemical levels, and it will tell you how much more or less is needed to bring it back in balance. The calculations work for all pool-related chemicals including free chlorine, salt, pH, alkalinity, and more.

Learn more about Pool Doctor.


Pool Education Apps

Swim University

For the pool owner who wants more than simple pool maintenance, there are education apps like Swim University. This free app is what most swimming pool advocates go-to for all things pool and spa. In fact, you probably have visited their website before after searching a pool-related question on Google. The app is arranged just like the site into five easy categories including swimming pools, hot tubs & spas, buying guides, how-to videos, and a blog. These can’t miss tutorials, and how-to guides are the perfect way to round-out the pool apps found on your smartphone.

Learn more about Swim University.


Pool Genius

If you are new to the pool ownership game, then Pool Genius is the app for you. Pool Genius is designed explicitly with the new swimming pool owner in mind. Need some help deciding which chemical system is right for you? Pool Genius outlines the benefits of every pool system so that you make the best-educated decision. It even has a pool volume calculator, an easy-to-use navigation system, and outlines information simply.

While the app isn’t free (it is just $.99 on the iTunes App Store), we think it is well worth the expenditure and thought we would include it on our list.

Learn more about Pool Genius.


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