Getting Your Home Ready for A Spa

Getting Your Home Ready for a SpaIf you’re considering buying a spa for your home, it’s important to remember that once the spa is purchased, there is still some preparation work that you need to do in your home. By taking care of all potential permits, obstacles, and problems before your spa is delivered, you can make sure that you can enjoy your spa as soon as possible. Here is a handy list of things you need to prepare or check before the deliveryman arrives.

Location, Location, Location

Where you put your spa is going to greatly determine the preparation you need. The ideal spa location is uniform level surface. This does not include grass or bare ground. Make sure the space has been measured and that the spa you have purchased fits – length, width, and depth. It’s also important to take into consideration any doors or gates through which the spa needs to pass in order to get to your desired location.


A fully filled spa is a heavy object. Make sure you check to see if your desired location can support the weight of the spa, the water, and the people inside. This is particularly true if you are putting the spa on a deck, patio, or room floor. The general rule of thumb is that your surface should be able to support the weight of 125 lbs per square foot.


One of the most dangerous things you can do is to put your spa in the vicinity of overhead cable, telephone, or power lines. Make sure any of these lines are at least 12 feet away from your spa. If you live in a climate of extreme temperatures, you may want to consider having a cover placed over your spa. Not only will this increase the amount of time you can spend in the spa (protected by the sun, wind, and rain), it will also increase your privacy.

Power and Water

In order for your spa to work properly, it’s essential you have reliable sources for both power and water. A spa requires a 50 AMP breaker in order to function, so have your breaker box inspected to see if you have one readily available or to determine if you need to have one added. You also want to make sure you have a water source (such as a garden hose) to fill and drain your spa.

Check Requirements

Depending on where you live, it might be necessary to have permits for any outside construction or electrical work done for your spa. Other communities require fences or gates in order to prevent small children from accessing an outside spa. Check with your city and community to see what permits, if any, are required.

With a little prep, the installation of your spa should go smoothly. If you have any more questions about prepping for a spa installation, give us a call.

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