Including the Pool in Your Party Decorations

Lanterns floating on poolWhen you’re hosting a cocktail party, wedding reception, or other event, one of the biggest segments of your planning will involve decorating. Along with lighting, flowers, and seating arrangements, you’ll need to do something with the pool. An in-ground pool takes up a large amount of space, so it’s best to make the most of it and embrace your pool as a blank canvas, just waiting to be decorated. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Light it up

Adding lights to your pool can create a variety of moods. White lights strung over the pool or floating on the surface can create an elegant or romantic atmosphere. You can even float candles on the surface of the water.  Using colored lights gives a more fun, laid back feel.

Turn it into a disco

What better way is there to add to a festive party atmosphere than by bringing a lightshow to the bottom of your pool? Check out various pool lighting products online to find the perfect fit for your overall theme.

Float flowers

Many flowers will gently float on the surface of the water. For best results, use flowers that are relatively flat and have a large diameter. Gerbera daisies are ideal, because they float well, are large enough to be seen, and are available in almost any color you can imagine. If you’d like to cluster the flowers in groups, rather than floating them independently, use hula hoops to float along with them to keep the blossoms in each group together.

Blow up some balloons

Balloons are inexpensive and fun. They’re available in just about any color you can imagine and come in a variety of sizes. For a more elegant look, consider just white or silver balloons. An assortment of colors might work better for a more festive party. Using school colors for a graduation or college send-off party can be fun, too. A variation on this is to tie fishing line or filament thread to helium-inflated balloons and a heavy object to anchor them in the pool. Leave the string long enough for the balloons to float above the water. It’ll give the illusion that they’re floating in midair.

Add a fountain

Placing a floating fountain in the water is a fun way to draw attention to the pool. Many of these fountains incorporate lights into the show and some can be wirelessly connected to an MP3 player or other device, creating a water show that responds to the music.

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