Major Swimsuit Trends for 2015

Summer weather is finally here, and with it comes the striking reminder that it’s time to invest in a new swimsuit for warm weather fun at the pool. And with a new year comes an influx of new fashions in swimwear. Here are some of the top trends predicted to make it big on the beaches and by the pools this summer.

High Waisted Swimsuits

They say that in fashion “what goes around comes around,” and such is definitely the case with the high-waisted women’s bikini. This particular suit style has been on trend for a few years now, and it isn’t difficult to imagine why—it’s a silhouette that flatters a variety of figures, and it provides more coverage for those who prefer to show a little less skin. Plus, it recalls a vintage vibe for those who admire the fashions of decades past.

Intricate One-Pieces

Those who prefer a little more coverage can also rejoice at this trend: more and more one-piece swimsuits are hitting stores, and these suits can vary from simple, solid designs to highly intricate pieces. You’ll find “monokinis” featuring multiple cut-outs, as well as one-pieces featuring multiple colors and prints of fabric pieced together.

Rash Guards

Once sported only by surfers and other serious water athletes, rash guards have now officially hit the mainstream. Designer labels are now making printed rash guards for women that coordinate with normal bikini bottoms and bikini tops, giving female shoppers the ultimate flexibility in building a swimsuit with a matching top and bottom. This trend is great news for those who need added sun protection (and who doesn’t?) Many rash guards on the market today are proven UV protectants.

Mixed Prints

“Mix and match” when applied to women’s bikinis used to refer to selecting a bikini top and bottom that differed slightly yet still looked cohesive, but now in the world of mix-and-match bikinis, just about anything goes. A striped top might be paired with a busy floral-print bottom, or a seersucker bikini bottom might be paired with a solid black top. For women who prefer to select individual swimsuit pieces from a set for two perfectly-fitting pieces, this is quite the forgiving trend.

Shorter Suits for Guys

Shorts-style swimsuits for men have always been the most popular, but this year is seeing more and more suits that fall mid-thigh rather than a few inches above the knee.

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