Preparing For a Pool Party

Summer is in full swing and your friends have been begging you to invite them over for a pool party.  You’ve finally caved, and everyone needs to get ready for the event.   While the rest of your friends are preparing their bodies to be bikini ready, you need to get your pool ready.  Read on for key steps that you need to remember when preparing for a pool party.  

Check The Chemicals

The most important thing to do when preparing to have a pool party is to ensure that the chemicals are balanced.   The pH level of your pool should be between 7.2 and 7.6 ph, and total alkalinity be at about 120 to 150 ppm.  

Clean Your Pool

Of course you want to clean your pool and pool area before you invite friends over.   Use your pool skimmer to remove any unwanted leaves, bugs and other debris from your pool.  Clean your filter as well to make sure that it can handle the party.  Take care of your pool area as well, as you don’t want anyone to cut their foot on any broken glass or rogue weeds.  

Set Rules

Before you invite your friends over, make clear rules for the party.  If you have ground rules for your  pool, make sure everyone knows them.  If you don’t, now may be a good idea to set some.  Good ideas are: no eating in the pool, no glass in the pool area, no one swims alone, no peeing in the pool, no horseplay, etc.  

Provide Extras

The universal rule of life is that someone is going to forget something.  Just in case someone does, provide extra swimsuits, towels, flip flops, etc. so that everyone can join in the fun.  

Prepare Food and Drinks

No party is complete without food and drinks!  Provide plenty of refreshments for your party guests.  If you have strict no eating by the pool rules, make sure that there is a spot for your guests to enjoy their food.  And of course, if you don’t want to be the only one providing food, turn the party into a potluck.  

Plan Other Activities

There are going to be some people who don’t want to swim but still want to hang out, so make sure that you have something else for them to do.  Play a movie in the background, have lawn games set out, or just have a nice lounge area for people to chat.  


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