Things to Consider When You’re Looking for a New Spa

Choosing a SpaWhether it’s your first spa or a replacement for one you’ve been enjoying for years, shopping for a new spa requires careful consideration. When you’re shopping around, looking for the perfect spa for your home, here are some things to keep in mind to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want.

–  Location. This may not necessarily need to be the first decision made, but it should be considered before many other items are finalized. Is the spa to be in an enclosed room, or in an open gazebo? How far is it from the home or dressing area? Are there many large trees in the area that will drop lots of leaves, or will it be in a clear space where it will stay relatively clean? Knowing these conditions will help determine many other features of the spa.

–  Size. How many people will be using the spa? Will it be for regular use or occasional use? A four-person spa may be adequate for the occasional four person use, but it may seem a bit crowded if used often by four people. For two people, it may provide just enough space to have a bit of extra comfort.

–  Jets. The total number, locations, whether they are movable or fixed, power, noise level, and more, should all be considered. Some people may love jets everywhere, with extras everywhere else. Others may prefer a smooth and quiet jet in just the right location. Water splash could impact the desired results of the spa as well.

–  Stereo/speakers. If you really enjoy listening to music, this is an important feature. Some people may be fine with putting a small portable radio on a table next to the spa, while others may want top of the line speakers. Your spa can have fully waterproof speakers with excellent sound quality along with remote controls and even include a TV with a DVD or Blu Ray player.

–  Lighting. Often overlooked, lighting can affect the feel of the spa more than almost anything else. From soft lights to fiber optic lighting, there are many options available. If the spa is a distance from the changing area, you may want to consider installing pathway lighting as well.

–  Gazebo. A gazebo is definitely not a necessity, but it can add a lot to the spa experience. For nighttime use, you may not want a covered roof, so that you can look at the stars when relaxing. However, if severe cold or wet weather is a weekly occurrence, then a roof may be the best possible option. The size of the gazebo should also be considered, along with the location of the spa. If it’s only a few feet from the door to the dressing area, a smaller gazebo may suffice, however, if it’s a 100-foot walk, you may consider a bigger gazebo to allow room to dress, or at least throw on a robe, before scurrying back to the dressing area, especially in the snow.

–  Maintenance. This can vary not only from manufacturer to manufacturer, but also from spa to spa. Look at the cost and time commitment needed to replace filters, clean, winterize, etc. Be sure to take into account the gazebo if you will have one, with the cleaning and the staining of the wood. Determine if will have a professional do all the maintenance or if you’ll perform all the work yourself. Either way, you should be familiar with all aspects of the maintenance so you will know when something has gone wrong and maybe you can fix it in a pinch.

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